Sony Upgrades 200Hz LCD TV

Sony’s latest LCD offering comes with a five-star energy efficiency ra

Sony Australia has announced the release of its latest iteration of its 200Hz series of LCD televisions, the Z5500. second generation.

Available in three screen sizes – 52-inch, 46-inch and 40-inch – the televisions come with a new thin design that incorporates a narrow bezel and thin cabinet depth. It also features Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, as well as the following features:

• Motionflow 200Hz: Motionflow 200Hz technology creates up to three additional frames for every original frame, increasing the typical frame rate from 50 to 200 per second. This increased frame rate greatly improves the clarity of fast-moving objects and panning scenes on screen.

• New BRAVIA Engine 3: Clearer signal processing for optimal contrast levels in every scene, displaying images with amazing depth and clarity

• 24p True Cinema: Automatic recognition of films shot at 24 frames per second, for movie
playback with realistic film-like quality

• XrossMediaBar (XMB): Eliminates the need to look at the remote control while searching
and selecting content, now with enhanced 3D favourites menu.

• BRAVIA Sync: Controls a wide range of Sony home entertainment devices via one remote

• Additional connectivity: Four HDMI inputs, single PC, component, composite and S-video

The Z5500 series includes energy saving features, such as the Ambient Light Sensor that
automatically adjusts the brightness of the picture in accordance with the ambient light. Similarly, when used as a PC monitor, the TV automatically switches into standby mode when no input signal from the PC is detected for 30 seconds.

The Z5500 also has a conveniently located Energy Saving Switch that lets you shut off the TV’s power, without having to unplug the AC cord from the mains. This cuts standby mode power consumption to less than 0.0001W.


52-inch TBC

46-inch TBC

40-inch TBC

The company has also released the new Bravia that come with the world’s first micro-tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight; a unique Presence
Sensor; and an Energy Saving Switch, claims the manufacturer.

The WE5 Bravia also features including Motionflow 100Hz technology, Bravia Engine 3 and Full HD resolution, to enhance the picture.

The HCFL backlight panel is claimed to use up to 40 percent less energy when users are watching TV, resulting in lower power consumption while maintaining the same level of brightness, when compared to conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) LCD TVs.

The intelligent Presence Sensor function is able to sense when a viewer has left the room and automatically turns the TV picture off, but leaves the sound on; instantly reducing power consumption by 50 percent. If the viewer re-enters the room, the sensor switches the TV picture back on.

An energy saving switch allows uers to shut off the TV’s power, without having to unplug the AC cord from the mains. This cuts standby mode power consumption to less than 0.0001W.

Ambient Light Sensor technology is incorporated to automatically adjust picture settings based on the viewing environment, to maintain optimal brightness and conserve energy. A pre-set Eco setting allows viewers to watch TV at minimal energy consumption.

Bravia Engine 3 is Sony’s new HD video processor reproduces vibrant colours at optimal contrast for each scene. Live Colour technology is incorporated to reproduce the colours of nature more vividly, through optimal colour tuning and purity.

Audio features include 24P True Cinema, which reproduces frames at the same speed as the original film source; and S-Force Front Surround Sound, for simulated surround sound from the TV speakers.


46-inch $3,799

40-inch $3,199