Sony Go Wireless With Blu-ray

Sony offers up a bevy of new products in the Blu-ray arena, including BD Live as standard

Sony Australia’s new Blu-ray line-up introduces wireless connectivity for the first time and features BD Live as a standard feature.

Included in the line-up are three new players and two new Home Theatre Systems.

“Australian consumers are already adopting Blu-ray faster than they did DVD when it was
introduced, embracing the format for its ability to deliver the best picture and sound quality for
high definition entertainment,” said Paul Colley, Technology Communications Manager, Sony
The next generation of Blu-ray Disc Players is designed to deliver the ultimate audio visual
experience with BD Live (Profile 2.0) now a standard feature across all the players through a
wireless internet or Ethernet connection.
The BDPS360 player starts up within six seconds, and offers full Blu-ray Disc and CD playback. Its upscaling ability is claimed to make standard definition DVDs look better than ever.

Features of the BDPS560 includes the addition of wireless connectivity for BD Live (Profile 2.0), USB photo playback and DLNA photo streaming. Connect wirelessly to your home network to access BD Live content via the internet or even view your favourite photos from any networked DLNA enabled PC or device.

The BDPS760 has HD audio with wireless connectivity for BD Live, 7.1ch analogue audio outputs, gold plated terminals, DLNA photo streaming and USB photo playback. The BDPS760 also features Precision Cinema HD Upscaling, Super Bit Mapping (SMB) and HD reality enhancer technology for a supreme high-definition viewing experience with improved colour gradation and pixel perfect video processing.

Audiophiles can enjoy high quality audio through their headphones when using the integrated headphone jack, which offers virtual 7.1ch surround sound.

The new additions to Sony’s Blu-ray hardware family is also said to maximise the audio content of Blu-ray movies. The format delivers full HD images, and brings to life the full dynamic range of audio for an unparalleled entertainment experience in the home.

The BDVE300 Satellite Speaker System has 1000W (RMS), 5.1ch home theatre solution with a Blu-ray Disc Player, five speakers and integrated amplifier. It also offers Blu-ray Disc playback including DVD upscaling and also includes an iPod dock. The satellite speakers are suitable for placement in situations where space is at a premium, without compromising on sound quality, claims Sony.

The BDVE800W Wireless Rear Surround Speaker System has 5.1ch audio and a 1000W (RMS) output, this ‘tallboy’ speaker design home theatre solution features S-AIR wireless rear surround speakers and an included iPod dock.

BDPS360 $449
BDPS560 $549
BDPS760 $729
BDVE300 Satellite Speaker $1,199
BDVE800W Wireless Rear Surround Speakers $1,699
Sony BDVIT1000 $2,199