Something With Numbers – Counting the beat

Something With Numbers to rock the World Cyber Games at Luna Park with a free concert.

Central coast rockers Something With Numbers have come a long way since making their debut on the rock scene seven years ago. It’s been something of a hard slog for the band but not without rewards.

In 2002 SWN released their first EP Barnicles and Stripes, beginning the slow process of developing a fanbase and finding their feet in the industry. Their first full length effort Etiquette followed a couple of years later but it wasn’t til 2006 when they band’s sophomore album Perfect Distraction dropped in record stores that they really began to make an impact on the Australian music scene.

The album’s first single Apple of the Eye garnered plenty of airplay and rocketed the band into the national spotlight.An ARIA nom for Breakthrough Artist followed in 2007. Then charismatic frontman Jake Grigg was recruited by music television station Channel [V] as one of the co-presenters of its “Rock Room” program.

Everything was looking up… A mammoth set of tour dates followed with Silverchair and Grinspoon – for Across the Great Divide – but all the pressure was beginning to take its toll. Grigg suffered what can only be referred to as a meltdown that threatened the very existence of the band.

He turned to the only therapy he has ever known for a solution, and thrust himself into his music. Not surprisingly, working through all that torment has resulted in some songs of pure pop ecstasy which have provided the fodder for the band’s new album, Engineering the Soul which will hit record stores this September.

“Music is what powers the soul, ” says Jake.”We make the music. We are engineering the soul,” he explains – it could just as easily be interpreted as a metaphor for his own personal re-awakening.

Engineering the Soul was recorded at Mission Studios in New York with respected producer Tim OHeir (Dinosaur Jr., All American Rejects, Say Anything). According to Grigg, the band were inspired to push their music to new heights. And he’s right, the album redefines the SWN’s sound, serving up tracks that range from the Motown influenced epic We’ll Fight, to the balls out rock of Twisted to the hard edged pop rock of Seventeen Places

“When we started writing for this record we thought to ourselves, what do we really want to achieve from a record? And what I thought was that what we really wanted to do is get inside people’s heads,” claims Jake.

You can see how well Something WIth Numbers have got inside your head when the band drops in at the Australian National Final of the World Cyber Games on August 8 for a free concert.

Who: Something With Numbers

What: World Cyber Games

Where: Luna Park Big Top

When; August 8, 8pm

Cost: FREE

Engineering The Soul is out September 6 through Below Par/EMI.

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