Solar-Powered Chargers Ideal For Oz Conditions

A British-made series of portable chargers is making its debut in Oz

A new range of portable chargers including the solar-powered Power Monkey Explorer and Solargorilla, is about to be released on the Australian market.

Manufacturer Powertraveller claims you only need to take the one charger to over 150 countries, and charge all your electronic devices.

They say each product can recharge all your mobile devices, including most mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods or MP3/MP4 players, games consoles and two will power your laptop.

The range includes:

  • Solargorilla lets you charge all your devices under 24volts for months on end without plugging into the grid

  • Powermonkey Explorer – powers the above but as it is more rugged, water resistant and includes the solar slave, which means it is suitable for Australian conditions

  • Powermonkey for recharging your phone, iPod, games or digital camera via mains or USB Motorrmonkey is a small, light in-car charger with USB port

  • Powerchimp is a portable lightweight charger for portable electronic devices including phones, using rechargeable batteries

  • Powergorilla supplies you with portable lightweight back-up power for your laptop as well as other electronic devices

These products will be available in early May.