Guns N’ Roses Coming To Rock Band

After a failed assault on the charts, Guns ‘N Roses try a more direct method to sell their poorly received album

The band calling itself Guns N’ Roses has agreed to let the songs from its recently released album Chinese Democracy, be used on the game Rock Band.

Rolling Stone magazine says reports that the Chinese Democracy songs will be available both in bulk and as individual downloads for PS3 and Xbox 360 users. However, Wii users will only be able to download the songs individually.

Making the album available is a good marketing ploy by G n’ R head honcho Axle Rose, as the album itself has sold very poorly. In the US the highest it went on the Billboard charts was number 3, before disappearing quickly. Rose can’t be too happy about an album that was over 14 years in the making doing so badly, so maybe sticking it on a game will give it a second life.