So where’s the iPad killer?

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs must be at this very moment rubbing his hands with glee- with Apple set to release their next Big Thing for 2011 very soon, despite the tsunami of tablets shown off at CES 2011, not one of them could be called an ‘iPad Killer’.

Sure there was heaps of Android tablet devices announced by the likes of Vizio, Asus, Acer, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Dell, Toshiba, NEC, RIM and others, but so what? – not one of them showed any iPad killer tendencies.

And LG even had the bald faced audacity to talk up its G Slate tablet, which in reality is at best only vapourware.

Bar the fact that it runs Android 3.0, we can only guess what it will really be like without any working models to play with. So Apple and its design team can sleep easy- since as we saw in the Star Wars saga, an army of clones just won’t cut the mustard.

Yep, it must be good to be Steve!