Snoopy GPS Tracker Makes Debut

A new GPS device allows employees or family members to be tracked remotely

LiveWire’s NavGenius satnav meets all the requirements of a GPS device, but even goes one step further – it can log your travels so others can see what you have been doing.
Its connectivity to the web is supposed to be up there with TomTom’s Go Live, and it will also record your driving habits.

There is a plus side to the snooping angle – the person on the other end of the line can send new addresses and other directions through the web. It will also deliver SMS alerts or email if the car strays out of a certain area.

The blurb from the manufacturer says it is “Perfect for businesses or even spouses hoping to reroute family members to the nearest grocery store.” We reckon it’s more likely you can track errant employees who are skiving off, or really check out where the spouse is!

It is also claimed to be the fastest GPS tracking device in the industry with 10 second location updates- so fast that you will actually see the dots moving on the map in real-time. It is not available in Australia yet, but be rest assured, if it does come here we’ll let you know!_blank”>Site name