SMS Providers Still Not Getting Message

  • ACCC targets Global Mobile One
  • Allegations of breaching Trade Practices Act
  • TV ads misleading

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court, Sydney against 6G Pty Ltd and Global One Mobile Entertainment Ltd today.

The ACCC has alleged that from February 2010, 6G and Global One made false or misleading representations, while advertising mobile premium services on television, in breach of the Trade Practices Act 1974.  

The relevant television advertisements were promoting subscription services including:

  • mobile phone ringtones including "One Time" by Justin Bieber
  • entry to a quiz with a prize of $100,000
  • a mobile phone game called Space Invaders, and
  • a mobile phone game called Doodle Jump.

The ACCC alleges that, in promoting each of these services, 6G or Global One represented that a consumer could buy the service at a one-off cost when in fact the consumer was actually requesting access to a subscription service.

The ACCC is seeking relief from the court which includes the payment of pecuniary penalties, the publication of corrective television advertisements, declarations, the implementation of a trade practices compliance program and costs.