SLR Camera Dead: Nokia

Nokia claims that the SLR is on its way out with the humble handset responsible for its demise.

With mobile camera phone technology developing in leaps and bounds, SLR cameras and even professional cameras will become obsolete, the sales chief of Nokia said on recently. “They will in the very near future revolutionise the market for system cameras,” Anssi Vanjoki, according to a Reuters report.

“There will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses,” Vanjoki said, pointing to a professional photographer taking pictures of him”.

According to the Finnish mobile phone maker, the proliferation of smart phones with picture quality comparable to most pocket cameras has boosted photography around the world, but they have so far not challenged real system cameras due to phones’ smaller size and weaker technology.

Vanjoki also said high-definition (HD) quality video recording was also coming to mobile phones within the next 12 months.