Silent Hill: Homecoming is now unbanned

Konami & Atari’s new scare-tastic game “Silent Hill: Homecoming” has just been unbanned in Australia much to the joy of gamers looking for a new creep-fest.

As our Classification Board continues its rampage of destruction, so too do the developers who constantly need to “fix” their games to work for the censors release in this fine nation of ours.

Last year, Fallout 3 got banned and then the developers went back, changed some things, and it got unbanned. Much the same happened with F.E.A.R. 2.

Well, now it’s Konami & Atari’s turn to get that “unbanned” notion slapped on their backs as Silent Hill: Homecoming now has a rating of MA15+ in Australia.

It does have me a little concerned, mind you, as Silent Hill is meant to be a scary game with some elements of gore and terror intertwined for this creepy game designed to scare you senseless. I just hope the edits that the Classification Board have approved don’t make it less Silent Hill-like.