Sennheiser Targets Christmas With New Headsets

  • Four new headsets
  • Designed for use with iPods/iPhones
  • Cup ensures only you hear sounds

German-based headset specialist Sennheiser has released four new products aimed at cashing in on Christmas.

All four models are optimised for use with MP3 players, Apple iPods, iPhones and other portable devices. The HD 429, HD 439 and HD 449 also come with an adaptor for a stereo system while the single-sided cable ensures that all models offer freedom of movement. The HD 439 and HD 449 are also equipped with two different cable lengths for optimum flexibility. The ergonomic design of the new headphones ensures a comfortable fit even over long periods.

The beat of the HD 419’s dynamic bass is a suitable companion both for long train journeys and for out walking. Its neodymium magnets ensure a precise stereo experience, while closed ear cups guarantee that the sound is reserved exclusively for the listener and surrounding noises are reliably kept out.

The HD 429’s offer dynamic bass of the finest calibre. All this comes packaged in a refreshingly new outfit: the asymmetrical Mould Design with a chrome trim is both exciting and stylish. The closed ear cups ensure that only music reaches your ears so the person sitting next to you on the train has no idea of what great sounds you are enjoying.

The HD 439’s neodymium magnets are said to conjure up a perfect stereo experience with powerful bass in the headphones.. The design consists of three trendy elements: a high-gloss grey plastic ring, a matt-black “turbine” and a chrome ring surround the ear cups. The headphones come with a choice of two single-sided cables in different lengths, and have closed ear cups that are designed to keep the music in and the noise out.

No matter whether you are listening to your stereo system at home or are on the train on the way to work, the HD 449 provides a private concert, claims Sennheiser. Its frequency response of 16Hz to 24,000Hz is claimed to ensure precise, clear and lifelike reproduction of different music styles. Like the three aforementioned units, closed ear cups effectively shield against outside noise. The additional extension cable lets you choose the optimum cable length. A carrying case is also included to store the headphones when you take them off.

HD419 $89.95
HD429 $99.95
HD439 $119.95
HD449 $139.95