Security guards protect Australia with night-vision

Twentieth Century Fox have upped the ante against piracy by hiring security guards armed with night-vision.

Film piracy is a major problem, for the film industry at least. Estimated losses tally in the millions and its impact is being felt here at home as one of Australia’s largest ISPs faces legal action for allegedly allowing piracy.

But Twentieth Century Fox have taken the fight a step further with the release of Australia, the film that cost a reported $USD 150 million to produce, by hiring security guards armed with night-vision goggles.

The goggles are to spot anyone recording inside the theatre. Cinema staff have been offered $200 for spotting anyone trying to get a handicam footage.

Time-zones mean that Australia opens down under before it screens in America, so Twentieth Century Fox are keen to avoid the fallout from people not willing to visit the cinema in its first two weeks.

Marcos Oliveira, managing director of Fox Australia, said that night-vision goggles would be given out to staff at 200 cinemas for the first week of screenings, but what’s the point if people can just record it in the weeks afterward?

Source: The Australian