Sanyo Gets Into iPod Mode

Like a lot of companies in the CE market, Sanyo realises the value of making accessories for iPods/iPhones

Sanyo has launched a new range of iPod compatible products for music lovers including clock radios and stereo systems suitable for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, study or workplace. The range is compatible with 3G-7G iPods including touch, classic and nano. 
All models feature an auxiliary input allowing the option of easily connecting the clock radios or stereo systems to any MP3 player, TV, VCR, DVD player. Additionally, a BassXpander function allows you to enjoy your music with an enhanced bass, should you wish to turn up the volume on the lower frequencies.

A sleep function on all models means you can walk away and the unit will switch itself onto standby mode after a specified amount of time, while a large LCD screen with backlight makes the multifunctional display with time, track number and volume easy to read.

Each model has the following features:
DMPP1 Clock Radio with iPod Dock

  • The DMPP1 lets you personalise the way you wake up with a choice of the radio, a buzzer or your own iPod tunes. Perfect for the relaxed morning person, a snooze function lets keep snoozing to your choice of sounds for up to 60 minutes. This model comes in black or pink finishes.

DCMX40i – iPod Docking Micro System

  • This offers MP3/WMA/CD/CD-RW formats and an additional card slot for USB, SD and MMC cards. Stereo headphone jacks provide private listening, with the external speakers automatically disconnecting when the headphones are in use. A unique programming function allows you to program up to 32 tracks in CD mode or 64 tracks in MP3/WMA/USB/SD CARD mode in any order you want. This is perfect for setting the mood at a lunch with family or friends or just lining up all your favourite party tracks for some instant atmosphere.

DCMX41i – Slim iPod Docking Stereo System

  • Like the other units this offers a wide range of media options to allow playback through your choice of MP3/WMA/CD/CD-RW as well as USB, SD and MMC cards. In addition to providing stereo headphone jacks for private listening and a program function which allows the programming up to 32 tracks in CD mode or 64 tracks in MP3/WMA/USB/SD CARD mode, the DCMX41i also features a sleek touch panel control with a sliding CD door providing both chic design and functional control.

DMPP1 $99
DCMX40i $249
DCMX41i $349