Samsung QX410 and Galaxy Tab

By Charlie Brown

While at the World Cyber Games, myself and a few of the other players – including Asphalt 5 gold medallist, Charlie Elliott – spent some time at the Samsung stand checking out some of the new products that were on display.

The first to catch our eye was the new Samsung QX410 laptop, which is one of the company’s faster notebooks that uses Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics – in other words, it’s great for gaming. With a nice, clear HD LED display certainly makes the picture nice and crisp, and more importantly, gives off fine detail when playing games.

So what else does it have under the hood that makes it so great? Well, it has 4GB of Ram and the Intel i5-460M processor, so it’s no surprise it can handle some of the most graphic-intensive games out there.  Add to that a hard drive that has up to 640GB of storage, then you have the complete mobile gaming package.

It comes housed in a sleek aluminium package, is light in weight, and is claimed to have a long battery life (although I didn’t have the time to test how it lasted), all of which make good sense for the on-the-go gamer.

We also had a look at the Galaxy Tab, which I had seen in Australia. This was the first time I’d had a really good look at it. I like it. Its’ smaller than the iPad, but with similar functionality. Some might even argue it is better because you can also make phone calls on it, and it is a lot smaller…oh, and it has Adobe flash so you actually watch most video clips on your tablet device.

It is the best one out there? Well, I know people who have an iPad and love it, but this is up there with it for sure.  Its touchscreen not only makes it easy to navigate, but offers up bright, sharp pics.

Like the QX14, one of the great benefits of the Tab is that it is very portable – more so than the iPad – and therefore can be put in a handbag or briefcase and not take up anywhere near as much room as its closest rival.

Overall, we really had a great time at the stand, and look forward to more great CE gear coming out of Samsung in the near future.