Samsung has announced its 2021 TV lineup, including a 110-inch model

Samsung’s 2021 TV lineup includes a range of new technologies that bring improved image quality, sustainable manufacturing and accessibility features.

The new flagship Neo QLED 8K and 4K models, the QN900A and QN90A, feature a new display method that seeks to emulate OLED’s even backlighting.

Samsung’s implementation is called Quantum Mini LED, enabling individual control of thousands of tiny LEDs for precise local dimming and better contrast and colour across the whole display.

Another new series of TVs, the Micro LED series, will make this improved picture technology available across a broader range of TV sets.

Initially the Micro LED series will come in 110-inch and 99-inch sizes, with smaller sizes following by the end of the year.

Accessibility is an important feature, and the new 2021 QLED and Neo QLED models will feature Caption Moving, for moving closed captions anywhere on the screen, Sign Language Zoom, to zoom into interpreters, and Multi-Output Audio for attaching multiple audio devices to the display for individually controlled sound.

As for sustainability, Samsung has committed to reducing its carbon footprint during manufacturing, along with reducing power consumption and increasing use of recycled materials across every product in its TV range.

2021 Samsung TV remotes will also include a solar cell that can recharge batteries from the sun, reducing wastage of used remote batteries.

A complete lineup of models, pricing and availability information is yet to be revealed, but each TV is sure to look fantastic.

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