Samsung Galaxy S21 series details and pricing

It’s that time of the year, and Samsung has revealed the new Galaxy S21 line of smartphones that’s set to be one of the best on the market.

This year’s iteration received some significant improvements over previous models, including new cameras, 5G connectivity across the whole range, and a few new software options.

What models are there?

The S21 line has three distinct models – the S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra.

The standard S21 is a 6.2-inch device, and the S21+ bumps up to a slightly larger 6.7-inch display as well as a larger battery – 4800 mAh over the regular model’s 4000 mAh unit. The rear of the S21 is made of plastic, while the S21+ features a glass back.

Galaxy S21

Besides these differences, the S21 and S21+ are broadly the same, with triple rear camera arrays, 8GB of RAM and options for 128GB or 256GB of storage.

The rear camera array on the S21 and S21+ includes a 12MP main lens, 12MP ultrawide lens and a whopping 64MP telephoto lens.

The S21 Ultra offers the premium experience with no expense spared, featuring a 6.8-inch display, with higher refresh rate and resolution than the standard model, an even larger 5000 mAh battery, and options up to 512GB of storage.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

There’s a bump up in RAM too – either 12GB or 16GB of RAM depending on your device’s configuration.

The cameras on the S21 Ultra include a 108MP primary lens, 12MP ultrawide, and two 10MP telephoto lenses – one with 3x zoom and the other with 10x zoom. The front camera also receives an increase in resolution, 40MP up from 10MP on the standard model.

It’s worth noting that the Galaxy S21 line doesn’t include chargers in the box, so you’ll have to supply your own or buy a compatible one alongside the phone.

Here’s the retail pricing for all of these models:

Galaxy S21128GB$1249.00
Galaxy S21256GB$1349.00
Galaxy S21+128GB$1549.00
Galaxy S21+256GB$1649.00
Galaxy S21 Ultra128GB$1849.00
Galaxy S21 Ultra256GB$1949.00
Galaxy S21 Ultra512GB$2149.00

Telco Plans and Pricing

The new Galaxy S21 is available on plans from most local telcos. The options shown here are some of the better deals we’ve found, but other options are available that may be cheaper.

Preordering a device in the Galaxy S21 line, whether outright or through a telco, will net you a free pair of Galaxy Buds – Samsung’s new earphones. S21 and S21+ preorders are eligible for Galaxy Buds Live which normally cost $319, while an S21 Ultra preorder will get a free set of Galaxy Buds Pro, normally $349. These new wire-free, noise cancelling earphones will make a great companion to the new phones.

All plans shown below are including repayment on devices and assuming a device with 128GB of storage. Prices will differ if you choose a device with more storage.


Telstra is offering $50 credit per month for the first 12 months on the Telstra XL data plans for a total saving of $600. This plan includes 180GB of data per month.

There’s also an offer of up to $600 credit if you trade in an eligible Samsung device – to get a trade-in like that you’d probably have to have a mint condition S20 Ultra though.

Since Telstra doesn’t lock you into a contract with a scary fee for changing plans, you could swap to a cheaper plan once the 12-month discount expires.

On a 24-month payment term with the 180GB Telstra XL plan, pricing is as follows:

Galaxy S21$117.00/mo
Galaxy S21+$129.00/mo
Galaxy S21 Ultra$142.00/mo


Optus’ biggest draw for the Galaxy S21 line is a bonus 100GB of data for the first 12 months, along with the usual inclusions of Optus Sport. Compared to other options, this isn’t much – especially since the pricing is similar to the other telcos.

On a 24-month payment term with the 100GB + 100GB bonus Large Optus Choice plan, pricing looks like:

Galaxy S21$111.02/mo
Galaxy S21+$123.53/mo
Galaxy S21 Ultra$136.04/mo


Like Telstra, Vodafone is offering trade-ins to offset your new device cost, with up to $660 including $160 trade-in credit and $500 bonus credit.

With a 24-month repayment term on Vodafone’s $55 Super+ plan that includes 200GB data, pricing is as follows:

Galaxy S21$107.04/mo
Galaxy S21+$119.54/mo
Galaxy S21 Ultra$132.04/mo

Wrapping Up

Galaxy S21

Vodafone’s plans look to be the best value, especially considering the trade-in option on eligible devices. However, if you’re looking for 5G coverage, it’s best to go with Telstra or Optus, as their network rollouts are much further along.

Preorders for the Galaxy S21 line are live now, and devices will begin shipping from the 29th of January. If you’re looking to pick one up, it’s best to get in early.

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