Safety Tips When Buying Online

  • Use unique password
  • Use secure payment method
  • Use trusted websites

According to PayPal Australians are set to spend over $30.2 billion dollars online by the end of the year. With that in mind, the company, along with the Australian Federal Police, has decided a timely reminder is needed for online shoppers about some of the risks associated with buying online.

As Australians shop from a wider variety of online stores, PayPal Australia is urging consumers to limit their ‘digital footprint’ and the trail of personal and financial information they share online. PayPal research earlier this year found that almost 50 per cent of Australians admit to not knowing how many websites hold their details, and an alarming 60 per cent admit to using the same password across multiple accounts.

Here are some quick tips to consider when buying online:

  • Be wary when sharing your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) freely online – from your banking information to your mother’s maiden name. When offered, use a secure payment method that is claimed to guarantee you will never have to share your personal bank details with anyone when shopping online.
  • Use unique, strong passwords for accounts that are at least 12 characters long, including letters and numbers and change your online account passwords regularly.
  • Only shop at websites you trust – look out for contact details and get in touch directly if you are suspicious.
  • If in doubt, ask a friend or expert who is a confident online shopper.