Review: Worms Ultimate Mayhem (Xbox Live Arcade)

By Wayne Webb

Worms has been around for a while and it shows in this “new” package available on the Xbox Live Arcade. There’s no innovation and nothing spectacular in this re-release of two older games as one new “ultimate” package.

Worms is the improbable universe where worms can fight wars, fire weapons and destroy each other in wanton blood lust (without any kid-unfriendly blood visible). As a download time filler you could do worse, but if you are looking for a good gaming experience you should probably move along unless nostalgia is your thing.

I really like Worms as a game and have wasted many hours playing since the 1990s when it was first released. The big bugbear is that it has not moved on while games and gamers have done so. The graphics are said to be improved but I’d be hard pressed to tell you how much unless looking directly at an older version of the game. On the Xbox 360 it looks woefully tacky and old school, comparing badly with some smartphone-based games of today. I’d expect more out of modern console games because all that processing power is wasted here. Curiously the loading times are slow considering the low-key graphics and outdated code for Worms.

If you are a Worms fan then you can ditch the two previous games -Worms 3D and Worms Mayhem in favour of this single Ultimate Package – which may simplify your gaming life, but not enough to justify a purchase unless you are a hardcore fan.

Alternately maybe you can play it with your kids whose expectations are still low. My six year old loves the silly humour and the turn-based weapons system – and if you feel like a trip down memory lane with them – you could do worse.

Pros: If you liked previous versions – you’ll like this. Destruction is fun.
Cons: Nothing new to see – feels and looks dated

2 Shacks out of 5