Review: Sports Champions 2 (PlayStation 3)

By Wayne Webb

By Wayne Webb

Sports Champions 2 is a game based around five sports that utilises the PlayStation 3 move controller. Compared to the Kinect, which has no physical controller, the PS Move has always been a more accurate and therefore a more representative sports simulator. Sports Champions 2 adds to this legacy in some ways with new games, but adds nothing in terms of innovation.

It seems a shame to condemn a game for being bland for the reason that it’s a carbon copy of the previous one. Yet, there it is – if you enjoyed Sports Champions (1) then you’ll likely enjoy the sequel, as it’s more of the same. The five sports are boxing, skiing, bowling, tennis and golf. They all require you to use the buttons and motion of the PS Move controller to activate an aspect of the game you are playing.

Each game has its own level of difficulty based on the sport itself and this therefore seems wildly inconstant inside the larger game. Boxing with buttons and moves at the same time requires some thought and golf seems to require very little except a straight swing. Tennis is simple enough but the accuracy and response leaves something to be desired. For example you may make one shot and it goes in, then you’ll do exactly the same shot again and the computer randomly gives you a message that you have missed it. Similar with skiing – sometimes you turn easily and sometimes not, no matter how I played – it came out inconsistent and inaccurate (though still marginally better than the Kinect).

There are a bunch of added extras that the kids really love; the party mode; the ability to draw over the picture of the loser with a virtual crayon (my kids cackled all through this for some reason); and the new look menu system plays up the fun, party atmosphere. The tips in Party Mode are less about playing and more about being sociable including tips on snacking for parties. The new and updated feel seems to focus on the arcade nature of Sports Champions 2 games.

All in all it doesn’t feel new, innovative or well made. If you want an easily played sports simulator to keep kids happy, and who are not that fussed about accuracy or gameplay, then this is fine. But if you really want to physically interact with a good sports game, then get Wii Sports as it leaves Sports Champions 2 well behind.

Pros: Still more accurate than Kinect, fun to play with others, updated look with more social focus, Arcade Party Mode
Cons: Accuracy problems, inconsistent difficulty, doesn’t feel that new

2 Shacks Out Of 5

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