Review: Sony SAN300 Speaker

By Branko Miletic

So with 360 degree sound in any room of the house, the ability to stream music from your PC, or  any set of multiple Sony network enabled devices throughout your house, Sony’s SANS300 omni-directional speaker is great for streaming your iTunes tracks around the house or office.

Using its built-in wifi for cable-free streaming, network audio remote app and auxiliary input for portable audio playback, the cone-like speakers are both fun to use and look great.

I had to read the instructions to set up the speaker, which is not usual for me, but set ups with networks can be tricky, so I can let Sony off the hook for this one.

Once I got  going, the speaker allowed me to play my iTunes across the house. With Sony’s PartyStream function you can synchronise a number of SANS300 speakers to play the same song at once. It is also DLNA-enabled, which means that you can use it for an extra speaker for your TV.

My one and only gripe is that the unit is a one-way, one driver speaker system, which means the sound that comes out of it isn’t that great. Having said that, I have spent the past few years in the lucky position of being able to review some really top quality speaker systems, but the SANS300 is not one of them. The sound that comes out is not bad at lower volumes, but at higher ones, it does start showing up its flaws – particularly in terms of the bass sounds

Overall, it is a decent speaker system for those who want some extra sound at home, office or want to take it to a party somewhere to play their iPhone through it. The portability of this speaker is one of its main selling points.

Pros: small, stylish and able to play iTunes
Cons: the average sound quality

3 Shacks Out Of 5