Review: Sonos Play:3

Despite how polished both the hardware and software side of the Play:3 are, it unfortunately lacks versatility. If it weren't for the omission of Line-In and Airplay, I would have easily replaced by current Airplay setup with a Play:3. The sound quality alone made it very hard to part with my review unit. 
The Sonos Play:3 is certainly an impressive piece of hardware, especially given its size. If you're happy to invest in the Sonos ecosystem, and not fussed about features like Line-In Bluetooth and Airplay, the Play:3 is a very attractive prospect. 

  • Great sound
  • Slick, usable mobile apps
  • Quick simple setup
  • Wide range of listening options 


  • No Line-In, Airplay or Bluetooth 
  • A Sonos Bridge is required to make it truly wireless


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