Review: Sesame Street TV (Xbox 360)

By Wayne Webb

By Wayne Webb

Sesame Street TV caught my daughter’s eye immediately and quite rightly so as this game/interactive Sesame Street episode is aimed squarely at the Pre School set. The game introduces you to Cooper – a new Muppet designed for the game as an exclusive character and your guide into the Sesame Street world. Using the controller, or the Kinect, you can choose and activate themed chapters that play like mini episodes of the TV show. From there you are presented with snippets of fun and play that involve the more famous Muppets from the street.

From menu selection onwards my four-year-old was hooked and got to grips with what she needed to do straight away. In the game itself the characters encourage and guide, never leaving any confusion about what to do or how good you are doing. The colours are bright and bold, and with the physical movements detection via the Kinect, it’s easy for children to pick this up, play and learn.

The difficulty and complexity of the games and lessons are perfect for the audience, and short subjects and breaking into themed chapters means these bite-sized entertainment snippets are good for a child’s short attention span (and mine).

Pros: Engaging, interactive fun with Sesame Street characters, plays like an episode, good Kinect integration.
Cons: Aww come on, who doesn’t like Sesame Street?

5 Shacks Out Of 5

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