Review: Samsung N150 Netbook

By Branko Miletic

  • 10.1-inch screen
  • 250GB hard drive
  • Weighs 1.25kg

I must admit, the more gear from Samsung I review lately, the more respect that I have for the company. Many years ago, I regarded them as just another Apple wannabe- but how wrong can a guy be?

In this case, after spending the past week or so playing with their N150 netbook -although I am not a big fan of the mini laptop category – I’ve got to say the unit is truly is a little marvel.

With an 8-hour battery life, slick design, Intel N450 1.66GHz processor, and 1GB of RAM, nothing that one usually does on a laptop was too hard for the N150.

OK, the N150 has a battery life that is about 30 per cent lower than the N220 model, but 8 hours is still a whole lot computing – it’s a normal working day of hard yakka.Moreover, with its anti-fingerprint coating, the N150 is designed to always look smooth and clean and not like it’s been attacked by a million little greasy fingers.

This unit has a 10.1-inch screen, 250GB hard-drive and weighs a tad under 1.25 kgs. In other words, it’s small, practical and yet light at the same time.

Going further, it has three USB ports, a webcam and comes as Wi-Fi ready. The Windows 7 Starter OS works a treat on this ultraportable device and when it comes to screen resolution, 1024 x 600 pixels is really useful for just about every task one could think of- bar watching HD movies, but why one would do that on a netbook anyway?

The only gripes that I have with this device apply to equally as much to all netbooks across the board – the cramped keyboard and the lack of optical drive.

Also, some think that the 250GB HD is a bit small, but that really depends what one uses their netbook for.

Overall, a highly recommended purchase for anyone that wants a fast, reliable and portable device that doesn’t require its own Sherpa when on the move.

Pros: light, long battery life, no overheating issues

Cons: small, keyboard, small HD and lack of colour options

4 out of 5 Shacks