Review: Power A Wireless Controller (PS3)

By Wayne Webb

As long as there’s a different choice available there will always be arguments about who/what is the best. Xbox, PS3, Wii and the variety of control options are a standard “starter for ten” on how to have a gaming debate. The Power A Wireless controller for the PS3 is a bridge in this argument.

I have both of the major consoles on offer and settled quite comfortably on my favourite being the PS3, followed by the 360.  However playing both of these devices for extended periods means that while I like one more than the other, the second placed 360 has one major advantage – the controller shape and layout.

The Power A mimics the layout of the 360 controller but it applies it to the PS3. The result is a larger and more ergonomically friendly device that makes a few subtle changes and one big one to make a better controller. I prefer this controller to the standard Six-Axis PS3 official controller from Sony. It fits, feels and works better overall.

The grips are more comfortable, with a criss-cross hash pattern that affords better traction against your hands. The glow in dark buttons serve little purpose, but they look cool and being red – imply danger and violence (well when I was playing SOCOM 4 they did).

But most importantly they have swapped position of the analogue stick and the D-pad, reversed them vertically so that the stick is no longer in line with the right one. If you are a serious (therefore jealously loyal) PS3-head, then this may take some adjusting to, but believe me it is worth the while. If like me you spend time on both major game consoles, then the switch is not only quick and easy, but also welcome.

The only issue I have is that it does not natively pair with the console, you have a dongle for the limited PS3 USB ports and from there a USB charging cable keeps the wireless unit charged up. It’s a niggle and more of an issue with the lack of ports on the PS machine. Once you add in the PS Eye, the original cable, this dongle and any other USB based devices – you suddenly run out of plugging options. If you want to run two, three or four of these controllers? Then what?

I’d still recommend it over the original for the other design features alone.

Pros: Better layout than standard, more comfort, red-glow buttons.
Cons: One more extra dongle for the limited USB ports of the PS3.

4.5 out of 5 Shacks