Review: Logitech Ultimate Ears 350 Noise Cancelling Earphones

By Mike Wheeler

There are only two things I consider when reviewing a pair of earphones or headphones – comfort and sound quality – and in that order. Sure, build is important, and cost is also a factor, but if the sound is great and the comfort awful, then I won’t buy them. If they are uber comfortable and the sound is okay, but not brilliant, I still might give them a whirl.

So where do the Logitech Ultimate Ears 350 fall? Fortunately for me, they were super comfortable and have above average sound.

Why the comfort? The ear cushions around the edge of earpieces are what make for a nice fit. They are made of what appears to be a silicon-type material that moulds nicely to the ear, and Logitech has provided six pairs of varying sizes so the vast majority of ear canals are catered for.

And the sound? Pretty good. Not the very, very best I’ve ever heard, but certainly knocking on the door. Had Taio Cruz’s Break Your Heart on full tilt boogie, and the earphones easily handled the heavy bass with no distortion.  Then it was time for Beethoven’s Symphony Number 9 – again, full noise, no distortion.

So with comfort and sound out of the way, what about build? They’re a pretty solid pair of earphones that appear robust, while the cabling seemed to handle the usual wear and tear. I didn’t pull on the cable or deliberately bang the ear pieces around to check the extent of their toughness, but they still got knocked around a bit.

My only real gripe is one that I bring up with most of these units, in that I wish the cord was longer – maybe by a foot or two. Sure, it is long enough if you use your MP3 player when walking to work or out exercising, but I also like to plug into my home theatre system. “Why not buy a decent set of headphones?” I hear you ask. "Because I shouldn’t have to", is my response. I like to read or just listen for pleasure, and this is hard to do when the cord puts you right next to the home theatre. That aside, this is a petty complaint, when overall for less than $60 you get a good set of earphones that sit nicely and offer up decent sounds.

Pros: Very comfortable, good sound, several ear bud options
Cons: Short lead

4.5 Shacks Out of 5


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