Review: LIFX Smart Bulbs

The LIFX app can occasionally take a bit of time finding your bulbs when you first turn it on. It searches for them every time you start the app, but this implementation means that it won’t lose track of them if a different device takes a bulb’s address on the network. The aforementioned app updates have also sped up this process, and I have typically been able to connect to all three of my bulbs within 10 seconds.

With the LIFX app, you can take individual control of each light, or arrange them into groups that share the same settings. For the most part, this means deciding whether or not the light is on or off, and deciding its colour. Aside from picking any colour of your rainbow, whatever tone of white light you prefer, whether it’s a stark ice white, or a warmer shade of tungsten. The app also provides a few effects to play around with, including candle flicker, strobe light and lava lamp. However, much like setting all of your lights to blood red, these are mostly novelties. 

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