Review: Kaspersky 2011 Antivirus

By Branko Miletic

By Branko Miletic

The suitably paranoid, yet at the same time highly capable people over at Kaspersky, have gone on record to say that their Internet Security 2011 solution allows users to “Download whatever you wish, Kaspersky will make sure it’s safe”. Now I am not too sure whether I want to fully test that theory, but it’s nice to see a company seems so willing to stand by its product – especially when it is a product that is supposed to keep your PC safe.

Kaspersky’s 2011 Antivirus security software is an efficient suite designed to protect you from many online threats – some well-known, others less so. And with its easy to use interface and fast loading software, it also comes with a powerful PC defence ability.

When tested, the Kapsersky software got so many ‘test positives’ that I thought my entire home network was crawling with viruses. Although it gives you the reassurance that Kaspersky is on the job, 24/7, it can become a bit tedious.

The main features include protection against viruses, trojans, worms and malware, spyware and adware, rootkits, bootkits and other complex threats, identity theft by key loggers, botnets and zero-day attacks, as well as many other as yet unknown, or rather I should say, as yet unclassified threats.

With this new release you can also encrypt all your folders and disk partitions, add encrypted folders, utilise the AES-128 algorithm, get any of your sensitive data permanently deleted and prevent unauthorsised data modification on your PC- and you can access all this high-level protection from the handy new desktop app.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 rocks – there is no other way to say it and the functionality of this latest release makes it perfectly clear why the company has such a dedicated following amongst the technorati.

Pros: Easy user interface, ironclad defense abilities and good technical support.
Cons: Heavy on the OS and other system resources.

4.2 Shacks Out of 5