Review: Infamous 2 (PS3)

By Wayne Webb

Infamous was a game that I didn’t know much about it, played it a little and got addicted fast. Infamous 2 delivers pretty much the same experience, but in a beautiful new package with a couple of added extras. If you have a previous save on your drive, then you can elect to pick up exactly where you left off, as a Hero or an Anti-hero (your choice) – or you can start afresh.

The game is a continuation from the previous, where the protagonist Cole picks up and moves to New Marais (A New Orleans/Louisiana clone) to reset his powers and get some training with a new mentor. The storyline for getting down to New Marais, and the “big bad” of the beast that is slowly stalking you, is a bit silly. You don’t play this game for the logic and sense, you play it because the story works (just) and gets you involved in the action and delivers enough twists and options to enjoy all over again.

Your powers are electric and destructive by nature, but you have options to be a heroic “save the people” type or go the anti-hero route to be a power vampire and ignore the innocent lives being shed. The “choose-your-own-Karma-adventure” is a nice touch but not that integral to making the game much different. You’ll still end up in the same place and fight the same fights, but from different angles.

A new feature is the downloadable online missions that appear in green on your mini-map. These UGC (User Generated Content) missions are optional and the first few I tried were hard and might be better attempted at the end of the game or when you have a few hours under your belt.

The game took me a few minutes to get to grips with again, the controls were a little testy and the camera options need to be tweaked to your speed and operational preferences otherwise it can be annoying. Within a few hours it was all coming back to me like the first time I played, and I loved it. However, I still feels like the controls could be tidied up a little.

Pros: Great story to return to looks crisper, good action sequences and open range play.
Cons: Occasional control issues & camera problems.

4 Shacks Out of 5