Review: iLuv Mo’ Beats

By Mike Wheeler

iLuv’s Mo’Beats portable speaker uses Bluetooth technology to stream sound from your portable device, which can include most tablets, as well as some smartphones and MP3 players.

Out of the box, the iLuv device is about 24 centimetres long and of cylindrical shape. There is a resting cradle for your iPad, Galaxy Tab, smartphone or whatever device you wish to stream. At each end of the cylindrical cone are the two speakers – what the wattage is, we’re not too sure as there was nothing on the packaging or device itself to tell us. You also get a USB charging cable, while there is a simple on-off button to get the unit going.

We used an iPad 3 to test the device. Setting up was very simple – you charge and switch on the iLuv Mo’ Beats, go to the ‘settings’ and then ‘Bluetooth’ on your iPad. It will then find the device and ask you to pair and you’re away.

Aesthetically the device is solid and would sit nicely in a modern kitchen due to its metal brushed finish.  It has an on/off switch at the back. It is very easy to operate.

And the sound? If you’re listening to sounds don’t expect super high-quality or a deep bass, and if you’re watching a movie, then the folk at Dolby won’t be quaking in their boots. To our ears, the sound was adequate without being outstanding, but be fair, this unit isn't designed to be your primary source for sound.

In order to charge the device you can either plug it into your desktop or laptop via a USB connection. You don’t have to put your device in the cradle for it to work. You can walk around the room while it pumps out sound. Just bear in mind it is Bluetooth, not wireless, so your iPad or smartphone has to be in the line of sight of the iLuv Mo’ Beats or the signal will drop out.

Overall, it is a quirky little device that will find a niche in the kitchen, bedroom, or out in the barbecue area of your home. It does a better than adequate job, however we would have liked to see a battery indicator to let us know when it is getting low.

Pros: Portable, good price, looks nice, reasonable sound for what it is
Cons: No battery indicator, wireless might have been better than Bluetooth

3.9 Shacks Out Of 5


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