Review: Heroes For PS3

By Wayne Webb

When I saw that this game was bringing back the old favourites of Ratchett and Clank, Sly Cooper and Jak and Daxter, I was excited. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm did not last long. What seems like a good idea to design a game with the unique control method of the PS Move, and mix it up with PlayStation classic characters? Is not a good idea at all. Rather you end up with all promise and no delivery.

The basic idea is that some pan-dimensional alien beings pull the eponymous Heroes out of their own realities to compete in a kind of mini-game Olympics.  Queue up some plot-developing cartoon sequences featuring said favourite video-game characters and off you go. Almost instantly you are disappointed. The control mechanisms are flaky and you often end up pointing in the wrong direction when trying to fight – which is (as you can guess) not helpful. The game play itself seems simple, but the dodgy mechanics of the controls makes what looks to be simple – very difficult and random. Break boxes, bowl bombs and throw things galore, but the whole thing is just tiring and does not deliver on the promise of the franchised players.

The sheer destructiveness of Ratchett and Clank and the awesome and varied power of the weapons (and the multiples options for use) is just not there. And that appeal is gone with it. Ditto on Jak and Daxter and while I never got that much into Sly Cooper and his sidekick, I’m sure that fans of them too will be disappointed.

The segues and cartoon sequences feature proper voiceovers and the traditional elements of humour and satire, but with no gameplay addiction you may as well watch it on Youtube, the effect would be much the same.  I would rather they had produced a solid Ratchett and Clank game, or a Jak and Daxter game than this halfway house effort that seems to really be there to pay money to see your favourites, doing very little indeed.

I can find the good side in most things and see where the appeal is but this was too disappointing. I got my five year old to play some of the game and he loved the look and the feel and even the simple gameplay. However, after 15 minutes even he wanted to swap to some other game because “it’s not working properly”.

Pro: Nice to see old favourites in the movie sections.
Cons: Dodgy controls, repetitive action, simplistic play, not as gratifying as the originals.

1 out of 5 Shacks