Review: Grundig Radio Alarm Clock

By Mike Wheeler

Grundig is a Turkish-owned, German-based company that specialises in consumer electronics, but is not one of the big players in this category. However, they do make some interesting gear – this Radio Alarm Clock is one of them.

The Grundig IPD02 App Driven Alarm Clock Radio with Dock for iPhone and iPod is a lot smaller than its title suggests, but fills a nice niche if you are somebody who sees their iPhone or iPod as more than just a smartphone and use it extensively throughout the day.

Out of the box the unit is of a reasonably solid build for what it is. It is about 10 cm long with an iPhone/iPod docking station, which is set up in such a way that your device has to sit horizontally to fit. Just behind the dock is the lone speaker.

In order for the alarm and FM radio to work you have to download a free app from the Apple iTunes store. When you put your device into the docking station it will automatically take you to the app in the iTunes store. You will need a wireless connection to download.

Once the app is downloaded you are ready to go. There are three main screens– one allows you to set up the various radio stations via preset buttons; the second is the ‘setting’ screen so you can set the alarm, time etc; while the third allows you to play music from your iPod or iPhone.

This is probably one of the easiest set ups you will get for such a digital device. But does it work? Sure, the alarm is easy to use, and the 2 Watt speaker makes enough noise. The quality of the sound is not that great, but what alarm/clock radio is? This is designed to wake you up, not have a house party.

Overall for its price, this is not a bad little product. It not only is an alarm clock radio, but allows you to play your iPod or iPhone music while charging the device at the same time.

Pros: Cheap, easy to set up
Cons: Sound quality

3.8 Shacks Out of 5


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