Review: G-tech mp3 control pack

G-Tech Australia has recently released a style of bag that integrate controls for your mp3 player. No more cable clutter to snag on things, we take a closer look at how these bags work.

Are you constantly annoyed by the cables that connect to your mp3 player? It’s always possible to catch the cables on something or someone as you pass by, resulting in stretched cables or even worse, stretched ears.

G-Tech Australia has come up with a novel idea to integrate all the cabling inside a bag… the end result, the G-Tech bag. Available for general mp3 players and iPods, we looked at the bag that supported general mp3 players and featured a single strap.

It’s pretty simple to setup too – inside the bag there is a pouch with a black connector box. The connector box requires AAA batteries (not included) to power the controls, and just plug the audio jack into the headphone port on your mp3 player. Secure the mp3 player inside the bag and then plug your headphones into the external headphone port located underneath a small tab on the shoulder strap.

The integrated controls are a welcomed idea, making it easier to listen to your music on the move. There are some features that we feel are lacking, such as next or previous track controls. But if you’re after a simple bag with some nifty features for your mp3 player, the G-tech bags are a step in the right direction.


  • Plenty of pockets for storage
  • Totally washable
  • Headphone jack built into shoulder strap


  • No batteries supplied
  • No controls for next or previous track

Product: G-Tech MP3 control pack- single strap

Vendor: G-Tech Australia

RRP: $79

URL: G-Tech Bags