Review: Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

By Branko Miletic

Most people love taking pictures. However hardly anyone enjoys the process of transferring those pictures to their PC and/or Laptop. Imagine if you could transfer pictures from your SD card wirelessly directly to your computer? Now you can thanks to Eye-Fi.

First up, it is super easy to install and it is so handy to use that I will make a prediction that in two to three years’ time all SD cards will be wifi enabled.

Coming in three different versions and capacities of 4 & 8 GB, the Eye-Fi fits into your digital camera the same as any SD card. And once you have installed the software, which should take no more than five minutes, you can start taking pictures and, if you excuse the pun, in a flash, those same pictures will appear on your computer.

Goodbye card readers, camera cables and the like – your pictures can end up on your computer almost as fast as you can take them. And for Mac users, the pictures get sent to iPhoto automatically. And let’s say you are out and about, and you are taking pictures like a demonic paparazzi pumped up on red cordial and your SD card starts getting full. What then?

Well, the folks that invented this little gem have figured that out too. As long as you have an iOS or Android device, the Eye-Fi card will send the excess photos to your mobile device, which when you get home, you can transfer to your other devices – or of course if you have an unlimited data plans, you can transfer then and there.

It also allows you to integrate and upload to your Facebook, Flckr, Picassa account, along with 22 other file sharing sites as well as Cloud sharing and back-up in the Premium version.

The simplest tech products that provide the most uses at an affordable price are usually the best. And the Eye-Fi SD card is certainly one of the best and most useful pieces of tech gear I have played with for a while.

With the top of the price list models coming with Geo-tagging capabilities and starting at under $60 for the entry level Connect X2 model (which you can upgrade via the Eye-Fi website), the Eye-Fi SD card has after nine years of tech reviews, for the very first time managed to get me to give a perfect score.

Pros: good capacities, easy set-up, fast transfer speeds
Cons: None

From $60

5 Shacks Out Of 5

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