Review: Energizer Wii Remote Charger

A Wii induction charger that pushes all the right buttons

By Mike Wheeler

Probably not the most exciting gadget I’ve had to review, but certainly one of the most practical in a household that has four gaming consoles where there are not enough rechargeable batteries to go around.

Out of the box, the Energizer Wii Induction Charger comes with an induction tablet, which plugs into a wall socket, plus four induction battery packs, which allow you to charge up to four Wii remotes at once. This is a really easy device to use, which means technophobes will have no problems setting it up

You no longer need batteries – rechargeable or otherwise – and use the battery packs instead. Once you have placed them in the back of the remote, you then lie the remote down on the tablet, which in turn charges the remote. All very simple, and works a treat.

There are a few reasons to like the charger. First, it allows the charging of four remotes at once, and if you’re in a crowded household like mine, this fits the bill nicely. Second, you no longer need batteries, which means less acid at your local tip, so there is a slight environmental plus (I say slight because I have no idea how much power is used to charge the battery packs, which might negate the environmental plus). Third, you can leave remotes on the tablet to charge and forget about it; with batteries you can’t tell how long before they run out. Finally, you can leave the remote’s plastic sleeve on so there is no hassle with having to take the remote out of the case to charge it.

Overall, a nifty little product, that also looks sleek and would fit into most modern lounges. One has to wonder though, is Energizer cutting off its nose to spite its face as it is one of the biggest battery manufacturers around.

4.5 out of 5 Shacks