Review: Crayons Educational Tablet

By Mike Wheeler

By Mike Wheeler

Out of the box you get a very colourful mini tablet aimed squarely at the children’s market.  It is a fairly solid unit, which you would want if you are expecting pre-schoolers or young primary school kids to be the main users of the device – in other words it can probably handle the knocks. It has a seven-inch touchscreen, which we thought could do with being able to handle a lighter touch than it did. There is a fine line between it having to press too hard and having too light of a touch – this suffered from the former, rather than the latter our opinion.

It has about 8GB of storage and has some preloaded apps and games designed for kids, including Zoo sights and sounds; color and draw; Amos from Outer Space; Aquarium; Toddler Jukebox plus a whole lot more.  Most of these apps and games have an interactive element that are designed to help kids learn. They are very helpful and work quite well.

It has several slots including an audio jack, HDMI and USB ports, a power port and micro SD slot –pretty standard fare and all in nice working order.

It comes in a range of eye-catching colours (aimed squarely at toddlers), has both camera and video camera capabilities, and  other bits and piece you would expect for such a device.

One of the downsides (but something that is remedied once you realise) is that the ‘power on’ button and ‘volume’ buttons are confusing. There are two buttons about three millimetres apart while there is a third about a centimetre away from the middle button. You would expect the two closest together to be your volume buttons. Wrong.  The two buttons that are one centimetre apart are your volume buttons, while the one next to the middle button – ie three millimetres away – is your power on button. This simple task kept me irritated for about five minutes as I tried to figure out why it wouldn’t turn on. When I did finally hit the right switch, I couldn’t believe it because I thought “Who would be so silly to design it like that?”

Overall, it does what it is designed to do and not much more, which is neither here nor there. Is it functional? Yes. Would kids love it? Probably. Is it worth the outlay? Yes.

Pros: Good price, kids will like it, offers up a learning environment
Cons: A bit light on features, design issues


3.8 Shacks Out of 5

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