Review: CP-Pro 4Gamers Stereo Gaming Headset

By Wayne Webb

This is a serious gaming headset for players who want good quality sound and comfort with all the advantages of a dedicated set of personal headphones can bring. So you get good quality sound (tested on Mod Nation Racers, GT5 and Mini-Golf) and an all-encompassing pair of cups, sitting on a lightweight frame that sits comfortably enough at first.

Like with any device that is going to be pressed to your head (and specifically your ears) for any length of time, after a while it does get a little uncomfortable, but nothing too onerous. If you are going to play so long that they become a burden, then it’s probably way past your break time all ready. I didn’t get a chance to test out the microphone for in game chat in an FPS or team game, but that’s due to the lack of an even partially PS Network to test it on. Having said that the quality of the earpieces and then frame, I have no doubt the microphone will be to a similar standard.

My major gripe is the physical setup of the wires. First, I don’t use RCAs – I use HDMI for video and sound, that’s one of the selling points of an HDTV and HD Device – reducing the cabling requirements. Now there is an option for connecting into an intermediary device, but now it’s just getting annoying and the simplicity of a single output and cable is gone. Which brings me to my second annoyance. Why is it that, considering the way the market is going, do I have to put up with several feet of wire? Not just one wire, a USB connection and then the three RCA plugs? We have Bluetooth, we have Wi Fi, we even have infra-red in a pinch – this feels archaic and unnecessary. In the age of the I-Device and the wireless everything, why am I being tied to a ludicrous length and number of cables.

The chances of me using this on a regular basis are pretty much nil. Not because it’s bad, but because for me – who has to set up and pack away around kids and family, this is just not convenient. Serious gamers may disagree and argue quality over convenience, but why do we have to have one or the other? 

Pros: Sounds good, lightweight and comfortable
Cons: What’s with all the wire?


3.2 Shacks out of 5