Review: Carnival Island (PlayStation 3 Move)

By Wayne Webb

Carnival Island is a suite of Mini Games designed around the PS Move accessory that showcase how well these motion control games can be done. Simple, easy to learn and well developed design all add up to a game that’s mainly for kids but most adults will get hooked on too.

There’s nothing Earth shattering in Carnival Island, which is based around eight simple games each with four or five variations on a theme. The main character is a child and the Carnival-like atmosphere definitely plays to the kids in the audience, but as an adult I had a blast playing these games. As you unlock each area you bring colour and life to it and the drab becomes exciting and vibrant as you play. The design is reminiscent of Miyazaki animated movies but with distinctly European look to the characters.

Each main game is based on a real Carnival type game such as ring toss or hoops etc… and then as you get points and achievements in each main game, you unlock variations that really add depth and replay value to the whole suite. For example, in one game you roll balls up to the various holes for points, and in the next version it becomes like a version of Battleships – except you are uncovering snakes, and then a slot machine-type board that needs to be finished in the order shown on screen.

The control of the Move is nice and clean and you can get some real fluid motion and accuracy compared to not only other camera systems but also some other games on the PS move. This is the kind of game that really showcases what the PS Move can do without being overly complex or hard to master.

This is a great party game for kids or for adults who want a bit of physical fun and challenge. This game will stay on the playlist for a while to unlock all the different variations and get all the skill challenges and unlockable rewards on the board.

Pros: Lots of fun mini games, plenty of variation, good control, high replay value.
Cons:  Its design is for kids mostly. 

4.5 Stars Out Of 5