Review: Battlefield 3 (PS3)

By Wayne Webb

For the last few months there has been a war going on. The war is not one of ideology or politics but one between two brands of fanatics. Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3. Both sides declared themselves before the games were even released and logic and reason have been left behind as each side has dug in.

Battlefield 3 is a competent shooter game, it has high levels of detail, a bevy of characters shouting, swearing and shooting at each other. It’s basically the twin to the Call of Duty games, but it does not come up to it in terms of quality.

Battlefield 3 has vehicle sections, in planes and tanks which are fun (especially the tank) and are nice diversions from the constant running and gunning. However, they are distractions and the campaign is a story mixed up with suitcase nukes, terrorists and betrayals, like this was another season of the show 24 more than a game. The action is constant and hard to beat in sections, sometimes frustrating but ultimately rewarding when you get through a particular section after multiple attempts.

The problems in single player are mildly irritating. QTE’s (Quick Time Events – press a nominated button in time during a movie sequence) are all over the game and they seriously impede the playing of the game and reduce enjoyment. Coupled with this minor annoyance are the bullets, which vary in their ability to hurt or kill. I found the best way to kill an enemy was to shoot him in the legs – it causes instant death. Headshots on the other hand are often not fatal and need to be followed up. Enemy AI is occasionally blind to you and every now and then your AI teammates will call an all clear and walk through living enemy soldiers who ignore them and shoot at you.

Once again the annoyances are minor. This is still a great first person shooter, but not as good as Modern Warfare 3.

Pros: Decent length campaign, engaging story, vehicle sections, frenetic action, some challenge.
Cons: Online Pass Code, too many QTE’s, Illogical AI, Damage/Bullets occasionally don’t work

3.5 Shacks Out Of 5