Reivew: BenQ V2420 LED Monitor

By Mike Wheeler

Back in the day, when the typewriter went out the window and I started using a ‘word processor’, I was more concerned about if what I wrote made sense, rather than if the resolution of the screen was good enough.

Over the past few years, I’ve decided that having a good monitor is as important as the hard drive and other peripherals that support it. You can have the fastest processor, the biggest amount of RAM, and terabyte upon terabyte of storage, but if your screen isn’t up to it, then you might as well chuck the lot in the bin.

So we come to the BenQ V2420 LED Monitor. BenQ is one of the few vendors whereby monitors are their bread and butter in the consumer electronics space, so you would expect them to know what they are doing.

How does it stack up? Well, the bezel surrounding the 24-inch screen is a very nice black, with a smooth gloss finish. I could do with the height of the screen being a little larger, but overall it was a nice adornment to my deskspace. I hooked it up to my hard drive, which is a bitser, but a good solid unit nonetheless.

Connection is easy and simple with several slots available including VGA, DVI and HDMI connectivity. It is an LED screen with 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, which was pretty good when running flash and mov files. What was surprising was that while this resolution was reasonably impressive when movie and picture files were open, it was less so with Windows were opened –there was blurring of file names etc. It was like the resolution wasn’t quite up to standard, yet the movie and picture files would suggest otherwise.

Like the Windows issue, surfing the Internet could have had a crisper picture, but overall, it was not bad. The blacks could be a little deeper but you’d have to be a true-blue aficionado to notice the difference.


Pros: Nice finish, nice wide screen, good energy efficiency
Cons: Sharpness is found wanting, have to manually adjust settings

3.5 Shacks out of 5