‘Refined’ Pics With New LG LED

By Branko Miletic in Germany

  • Minimal reflection with screen
  • Super thin at 0.88cm thick
  • Online content viewing

LG’s LEX8 Nano Full LED TV uses a thin film printed with minuscule dots positioned in front of a full array of LEDs, which disperses light more evenly and effectively across the screen, creating pictures that are clearer, smoother and more refined.

The anti-reflection panel on the unit’s screen also minimises reflection from external light sources – including sunlight and the panel also comes with improved localised dimming in both 2D and 3D modes with its Micro Pixel Control function.

It uses 400Hz technology, which is designed to deliver fast processing rates for moving images making them virtually blur-free – with the overall effect being a picture smooth, sharp and realistic.

In terms of dimensions, the LEX8 is 0.88cm thick with a bezel that is 1.25cm wide. With a bezel this narrow, the LEX8 has been designed to leave nothing in the way of viewing.

The LEX8 also comes with a number of other functions and features including NetCast, which allows online content viewing, including web albums and video calling. In addition, the LEX8 can also connect to any DLNA- capable storage device or computer, allowing users to delve into their multimedia libraries.

Then there is the Magic Motion remote control, which allows viewers change telelvision settings and play games by pointing the remote at the screen and manipulating a cursor.

With only power switch, volume control and single, all-purpose button, the Magic Motion remote control is designed to be simple to use.