Real Life Terminator Coming Soon?

An education expert spills the beans on what a computer’s capabilities are in the near future

Kerry O’Brien from the 7.30 Report, had a great interview on Tuesday night with leading UK education guru Sir Ken Robinson.

While most of the interview was to do with Robinson’s opinion on education, a little snippet made interesting listening. He said that according to the folk at Apple, a computer’s processing power currently equals the brain of a cricket. Apple believes that within five years they might have the processing power of a six month old child.

“Well, what does that mean?” asked Robinson.

“Well, at that point, computers will be capable of learning,” said the folk at Apple.

“Which means what?” asked Robinson.

“Well, it means they’ll be able to rewrite their own operating systems in the light of their experiences.”

Robinson compared it to popular sci-fi movie The Terminator and the taking over of the planet by the Skynet mainframe computer. While it may be a bit far fetched (because at the end of the day computers are just inanimate objects processing information), the idea of computers rewriting their own O/S is kind of creepy – not to mention making all the O/S developers being made redundant.

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