Razer Enters the Console Market

  • New controllers for Xbox 360
  • Multi-function buttons allow remapping
  • Increased efficiency

Peripheral gaming vendor Razer has released its own brand of Xbox 360 controllers for the gaming market.

Said to be built for the hardcore competitive gamer, the Razer Onza Tournament Edition offers adjustable resistance analogue sticks.  Twist the analogue sticks in one direction to make them more resistant for steadier control, or twist in the opposite direction for quicker, fluid movements.

Both Tournament and Standard Editions of the Razer Onza feature multi-function buttons (MFB) on the controller’s shoulders which allow remapping of critical buttons to your fingertips. This is claimed to increase efficiency of game control, and aid those with disabilities unable to reach specific functions on a standard controller. All controllers are also armed with, Hyperesponse action buttons, PC compatibility, and a 15-foot cable for the ultimate pleasure in Xbox gaming.

Other features include:

  • 4 backlit Hyperesponse action buttons
  • Precision D-Pad
  • Non-slip rubber surface
  • Quick release USB connector
  • PC compatible
  • 15 foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable