Puzzle Game Stretches Imagination

  • Two player option
  • 90 stages to go through
  • Challenge of Local Wireless Network

SpeedThru: Potzol’s Puzzle is a game designed for the Nintendo 3DS, which is claimed to offer a unique gameplay mechanic in an immersive 3D world where skills of spatial awareness are put to the test across more than 90 stages, three multiplayer modes, and three different lands.

SpeedThru: Potzol’s Puzzle is themed around a mystic world, where Kaotl, the evil god of destruction is your foe. In an act of malice, Kaotl has stolen the heart of Creatl, the god of creation, and divided the world into three lands. Guided by Creatl’s loyal servant Potzol, you must aim to restore the spirit world, destroyed by the wicked god Kaotl, by collecting hearts hidden away in each stage.

The game will test your puzzle solving abilities as you control guardians – 3D blocks – which journey along long corridor-like levels blocked with walls. You must sneak guardians through the small holes hidden in the walls, rotating these blocks to squeeze them through the tightest of spots and collect the hearts waiting there for you. The faster you do it and the more effectively aligned, the higher your score.

It also offers two-player gameplay, allowing gamers to play against each-other on one Nintendo 3DS or challenge each other over Local Wireless play.

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