Privacy Week About Personal Safety

  • Change passwords frequently
  • Don’t give out personal details to anybody
  • Think about the information you are giving out

In a week where not once, but twice, the PlayStation Network was hacked and millions subscribers’ personal details were stolen, the ACMA is coming out strong in it’s support of Privacy Awareness Week.

The key focus of Privacy Awareness Week 2011 is all about you: what can you do to protect your personal information and the information of others you might handle?

“It’s sometimes easy to disclose more information about ourselves than we need to,” said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman. “Your personal information is yours alone and you are generally under no obligation to hand it over to anyone without knowing what they are going to do with it.”

To mark Privacy Awareness Week, the ACMA is providing a suite of resources for teachers, parents and teens on e-security, keeping personal information safe and identity theft.

The ACMA also provides important privacy information about smartphones and why you should treat your mobile phone like you would your wallet.

Protect your own personal information by:

  • Checking your online privacy settings (don’t forget your social networking profile and your browser settings)
  • Thinking about how much personal information you want to reveal before you do
  • Asking organisations what will happen to your information when you give it to them