Preview: Pollen Sonata

Based on what we’re seeing, Pollen Sonata looks like it’ll be one of the most relaxing and engaging experiences ever to grace a video game system

Relaxing games are a misnomer: you usually don’t play games that are relaxing; you play games that make you relax. If you’ve had a hard day at the office you might not be able to think of anything better than sitting down and playing Quake to relieve some of that stress. You could stretch your arms and play tennis on Wii Sports as your daily wind-down activity.

So we all know that while games are fun, they can also relax you when you need it. They are the electronic and more engaging version of a stress ball.

What about a game that is relaxing to play in and of itself?

The idea of this might not interest you but in playing the game you’ll see why it’s so wonderful. As a combination of 3rd person and a puzzle game, you can see your own pollen as you change its form to propel yourself about the world. You can’t die but you will likely end up taking a lot of time as the sounds of the wind, the garden, and the very ambient music keep you drifting as if you were the pollen itself.

At the moment, the demo of the game has been made to run on the Valve Source engine so if you want to try it out, you’ll need a Steam account with the Source SDK installed. However, this game is being developed with the intention of being put on the Wii and based on what we’re seeing here, it’ll certainly be one of the most interesting games to play once it’s been released.

DeveloperPollen Sonata
Publisher– TBA
Classification– TBA
Formats– Wii, PC (Only for the demo)
URLPollen Sonata

Previewed by Leigh D. Stark