Pitfall For Apple Devices

  • Revisit favourite characters
  • Only available for iPad, iPod and iPhone
  • Developed in UK

Activision Publishing has launched a new Pitfall App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Inspired by the original 1982 classic, this modern incarnation features new environments and twists on classic Pitfall gameplay that will appeal to fans of all generations.

Pitfallhas been in development at Activision’s recently revealed Leeds, UK-based studio The Blast Furnace.  This newly formed studio team is led by veteran developer and former head of Rockstar London, Mark Washbrook, and Activision is now announcing the addition of Rockstar Leeds Gordon Hall, who will partner with Washbrook to oversee The Blast Furnace.  Hall will also join Activision Mobile’s leadership team as Chief Creative Officer, and will focus on bringing AAA interactive experiences to the mobile space.

From the moment mobile gamers start playing Pitfall, they’ll experience an ever-changing landscape with different environments and shifting camera perspectives, vehicles and mine carts, branching paths, and a wide range of hazards to overcome. 

With the iconic objects from the 2600 classic game – crocodiles, rope swings, gold bars, diamond rings, cobras and more – players will traverse a volcanic island carpeted in sweltering jungle and explore villages long since forgotten by time as they dodge danger in maze-like cave systems.  Every level—crafted from the ground up exclusively for mobile—packs 3D visuals, instinctive controls and engaging action-adventure gameplay. 

As players progress, they can sweep up loot, buy power-ups and earn experience, enabling them to advance through the levelling system and compete with friends for the best high scores.

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