Pioneer Sound Wing Takes Flight

  • New technology for distributing sound
  • Claims to increase listener’s ‘sweet spot’
  • Packaged with slimline VSX-S300

Pioneer’s new ‘Sound Wing’ speakers deliver big, multi-directional sound without dominating your living space and décor, says the manufacturer.

This loudspeaker uses Horizontal-Vertical-Transforming’ (HVT) technology. Unlike a traditional speaker, whereby the ‘driving force’ is one-directional, Pioneer has moved the speaker driving force from underneath the cone to the side (working at 90 degrees), reducing the depth normally occupied by the magnets. The capacity to generate multi-directional sound comes from Pioneer placing two of these speakers back to back.

For consumers, having a speaker capable of delivering multi-directional sound increases the listening sweet spot, as well as provides greater flexibility with installation.

Whilst the directional sound from conventional speakers generally limits where the speaker can be positioned in a room, Pioneer’s Sound Wing speakers cater for a wider ‘sweet spot’, meaning more people can enjoy a full sound experience.

Pioneer is releasing its Sound Wing speakers in two form factors; a sleek bar-style multi-speaker (S-HV600B) and the super-slim satellite speakers (S-HV500LR).

Both the speaker S-HV600B and S-HV500LR will not be available for individual purchase. Pioneer is packaging each Sound Wing speaker with its new slim series AV receiver, the VSX-S300.

Designed to sit in front or underneath flat screen TV, the new S-HV600B is 25.5 mm thick, and the dimensions are 900 x 66 x 93 mm with the stand included. It integrates two 57mm x 30mm double-sided drivers with HVT technology, and two Softdome tweeters – one set pointing forwards and one set backwards – at either side of the wing.