Pioneer Enables Rival Vendors

Pioneer opens up its Platform for Aggregation of Internet Services (PAIS) to competitive devices

Pioneer is opening its Platform for Aggregation of Internet Services (PAIS) platform for connected devices to products of other vendors. The PAIS platform is a portal that normalises the interface between the myriad of Internet services and connected devices.

It is designed to handle multiple device and application types including in-vehicle telematics, MIDs, TVs, home theatre, and smartphone apps. By creating a common, stable method for accessing a wide array of constantly changing Internet service APIs, PAIS reduces the impact of service and API changes. By opening the PAIS platform, Pioneer says it is “addressing the reality that consumers want their devices to work together, regardless of manufacturer.”

Device vendors get a stable platform they can use to add Internet services to their devices without concern over services changes, and which allows them the potential to participate in service revenue.

“Consumers want their devices to work together, so it is inevitable that single-vendor connected solutions will lose their interest,” said Akira Haeno, Senior Managing Director and Representative at Pioneer. “Our platform addresses this consumer need while at the same time addressing key device vendor needs of rapid deployment, differentiation, cost savings, and revenue participation.”

The PAIS platform presents open-standard interfaces for voice UI, navigation and maps, local search, social networking, music & radio, and video and television, among other services. These interfaces enable device vendors to add new service offerings quickly, eliminating the need for investment in proprietary solutions, claims Pioneer.

The platform also enables a revenue share opportunity for device vendors, with the potential to receive a percentage of revenue generated from consumer subscriptions to basic and premium packages, as well as advertising.