Photomaker Converts Film to Digital Photos

A quirky little gizmo from Kaiser Baas converts old photo negatives into digital images

For those who have photo negatives lying around and would like digital versions of their pics, Kaiser Baas is offering up the Photomaker, which as the name suggests, is exactly what it does – makes photos.

PhotoMaker is a convertor that transfers 35mm film negatives and slides into digital photos so people can share their pics online, in social networking sites or store them on disc or in the computer

With the PhotoMaker connected to a PC via a USB cable, it allows users to take 5 megapixel resolution digital photos of the slides or film negative and save them as common JPG or TIFF file format. A user places the film negatives or slides into the holder (supplied), slide the negative holder into the front slot of unit, and runs the software application on their PC to take a digital photo of the negative or slide. Images captured from PhotoMaker can then be managed, edited, corrected or enhanced using Arcsoft PhotoImpression, the image editing software bundled with PhotoMaker.