Phone With TV Tuner And Built-In Projector

Phone functionality brought to a whole new level with the LitPhone handset and its built-in projector.

From the people who brought you the Pico mini projector comes a phone that has built-in projector technology as well as a TV tuner.

Spied at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair by the good folk at Engadget, this little number has “CMMB TV tuning, a touchscreen and a built-in projector with an undisclosed native resolution”.

The phone doesn’t seem that much bigger than any other handset on the market, so how all the technology is shoved in there and still manages to offer workable functionality is unknown at this stage.

Vidoes are played via a microSD card, it uses a lithium battery (again, how long it lasts, who knows?), and we’re thinking it might be a nice little unit for small businesses who can use it to do Powerpoint displays without having to invest (or hire) a full-sized projector.